Abner Campos
After growing up in the Midwest, Abner is happy to call Seattle home with his wife Debbie. He studied theology at Union College and received further pastoral education at Andrews University. Coming from a Mexican-Salvadoran home, Abner's dream for the church is that it becomes a multiethnic, intergenerational community of worshippers who practice Jesus' teachings for the renewal and flourishing of Seattle. On his days off, he enjoys playing and watching sports, listening to podcasts, and trying new things. | Church Office Hours: 9:30-1:30 Tues-Thurs. | 952-688-1760
Ryan Gratias
Head Elder
Ryan Gratias is Seattle native, with his stomping grounds specifically in Auburn. He is a graduate of Walla Walla University, and now lives in Issaquah. Ryan has worked in mechanical engineering, consulting, and now works in robotics. The spirit of adventure thrives in Ryan, and fittingly as a Seattle native, it is in the outdoors where he finds the most joy! He enjoys various outdoor recreational sports including skiing, mountaineering, biking, and dirt biking. When indoors, Ryan loves spirited rounds of the game Catch Phrase, so claim him for your team should the opportunity arise.
Josh Grant
Head Deacon
Josh is from the South, but has called the Pacific Northwest home since his days as a student at Walla Walla University. He has served at VPC in many different capacities and currently serves as head deacon and leads one of the church's praise teams. Whether leading worship, mastering volleyball or pickleball, scaling mountains, or fighting for points in Family Feud, Josh is someone you'll want on your team--his happy wife Gabi can attest to this.
Carmen Alejo
Carmen has spent her entire life in the Pacific NorthWest, growing up in the South Seattle area with her family. She has worked in Public Defense for over seven years, specializing in management and administration. Carmen is practiced in the discipline of intercessory prayer, and has many stories of the providence of God in her life, and the lives of others who she has prayed for. Carmen is the treasurer at Volunteer Park Church, she looks forward to the opportunity to serve in such a vital role. She loves hiking and playing volleyball. She also enjoys preaching and writing sermons.
Jeanette Mills
Church Clerk
Jeanette grew up South Dakota, Texas and Seattle. Her family moved to Seattle in the summer of 1966, and she attended Garfield High School for her senior year. She has been in Seattle ever since. In her time in Seattle Jeanette has worked as records manager for a Seattle law firm, and currently in Elder Care-giver. During her 50 years at Volunteer Park Church, she has served in almost every available position. From sabbath school teacher, elder, and currently as church Clerk. Jeanette's passions are reading and knitting, and spending time with her family: three adult grandchildren in Idaho, and three young grandchildren in California.
Ed Dailey
Building Consultant
Ed was born & raised in California. He moved to Seattle in 2009 and has since made it his home. Ed is a consultant, and a mechanical engineer by training. As the building manager for the past few years Ed has been a boon for the Volunteer Park Church. He always goes beyond the call of duty in the upkeep and preservation and improvement of the building. In his spare time, Ed loves to tinker in his workshop, creating works in wood & steel fabrication.