VPC Communities

What Are VPC Communities?

Our VPC Communities are groups of people, from different backgrounds, who get together throughout the week. These groups, covering a wide variety of interests, gather for short periods of time, or indefinitely, for the purpose of creating community and practicing hospitality.

Sometimes a meal is shared, there is prayer, and great opportunities to meet new people. Some groups happen in homes, some happen outdoors, some happen in community spaces. The one thing held in common, are the shared experiences that strengthen both the social, and spiritual ties of those who participate.

Joining a group is easy. Some groups will meet once a month, whereas others may gather on a weekly basis. For more information, choose a group (or more) and our leaders will get in touch with you shortly. We’d love to grow in community and enjoy life together in the beautiful PNW.



Interested in becoming a VPC leader? Email Janene at connect@volunteerparksda.org.