Chinese Church

There are about 120,000 Chinese in the Seattle area of ​​the United States, but there had been no Chinese church that met on the Saturday Sabbath.  At the beginning of 2022, we established a Chinese fellowship with the mission of spreading the truth of the Bible and helping people live a life of hope, health and meaning in troubled times!

We gather at 10:00am downstairs for Bible Study and 11:30am in the westside Chapel for a message from the Bible and a special time of worship… in Mandarin!

``Conservative estimates from 2010 put China's Christian population at over 68 million, representing 5 percent of its vast population. But Christianity is spreading so fast that experts believe China could have more Christians than the US by 2030, and it could be a majority-Christian country by 2050.`` Rebecca McLaughlin, Confronting Christianity