Visit Us


We understand that visiting a church can be a daunting experience. Perhaps you haven’t been for a while, perhaps you have never been, or maybe you are in town for a convention and looking for a place to worship. The information below is to help you feel a little less anxious when you honour us with your presence.


Is there food?

There are snacks provided immediately following the service. On the first three Saturdays of the month a lunch is provided, and on the fourth Saturday we have an all church potluck lunch.


Where are you located?

We are in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. We are very close to downtown Seattle.

Address: 1300 E Aloha Street, Seattle, WA, 98102


Is there parking?

Yes, there is a 40 car parking lot, and street parking is readily available when the lot is full.


What is the service like?

A typical service includes singing of both hymns and contemporary songs, prayer, bible reading and a 30 minute sermon.


What do I wear?

There is no dress code that we adhere to. Some wear suits and ties, some wear dresses, and other wear jeans and shorts. Our primary focus when we come to worship is not external, it is internal.


What time is church?

At 10am we offer a time for bible study – this takes place in the chapel. When you enter the building, turn right and you will see the door open. We also offer a young adult bible study at 10:30am (ages 18+) downstairs in one of our classrooms.

At 11:30am our main service begins. This takes place in the large space (the sanctuary). We are finished by 1pm.